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Flavor Profiles

Pegasus Spit РWith a Taste That Changes a Little With Every Hit, This Flavor is Just as Elusive as the Mythical Creature Itself. A Sweet Candy Vape. Kind of Skittles, or Sweet Tarts, or Strawberry..


Obsessed – A Complex and Rich Vanilla Custard That You’ll Love So Much, It Will Have To Be Yours…¬†FOREVER!!


Rejected – When Your Love Is Turned Down, You Are Likely To Dwell On How Bad You’re Feeling. Some Cake With Cream Cheese Icing Should Help.


Watching – This Orange Julius Treat Will Give You a Strange Feeling You Cant Explain, And Make The Hair On The Back Of Your Neck Stand Up.


Creeper – The Sweet, Cool Milk Lurking In The Bottom Of Your Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Just Staring at You. Smirking..

Only if they are watching closely enough.